Found: The Foundary

In addition to building a home, we are getting to furnish it!! …duh, Melissa!

I’m undoubtedly more excited about this part than I am the building part. But I also want to be responsible with our budget! I honestly get pretty darn excited about finding gorgeous, perfect-for-us pieces at show-stopping prices! At least while I need to. When we get to that point where budget isn’t as much of an issue, I’m sure I’ll enjoy that, too. 😉

So far, we haven’t purchased anything but new bedding for our bedroom and one of the guest bedrooms. And honestly, that’s probably all we’ll do until we get moved in (or are closer to move-in) and actually have a place to put the new items.

But I am (of course!) shopping and getting ideas. We’ve also made a list of what we’ll need. And we’ve prioritized it, so that we can make sure to purchase the most important items first. It’s looking like we are going to need quite a bit of stuff!! Everything from a kitchen island and new dining room furniture to office furniture, new master bedroom furniture, some additional living room furniture and items for the bonus room to things like a lawn mower, weed-eater, window treatments, a grill, towel bars and cabinet fixtures and drawer pulls! LOTS. OF. STUFF. Thankfully, it doesn’t all have to be purchased at once! We can add things as we go, and pick things out along the way. We can also shop sales, which will help tremendously!

I’ve been a member of and and (all discount shopping sites with designer brands) for a while now, but I just stumbled across a new site this past week, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

All Photos, Source: the Foundary

The Foundary is a discount site with designer home brands. Can we say “perfect”?! LOVING this!! And I can’t wait to see what all I find as I continue to browse for our new home. If you like what you see above and want to shop, you can check out The Foundary here.

In the next several weeks, I’ll do a post (or three or four) that details how I want to pull together all of my ideas. Complete with photos of everything. I’ll even see if I can include some photos of the house (maybe even one of the floorplan). As I said here, they’re all floating around in my head and I know how it will all come together in my mind’s eye, but I’d love for you all to “see” it. Since it will likely be a WHILE before it actually comes together.