I wanted to follow up last week’s post with an update about how my mom is doing. Many of you have been lifting her in your thoughts and prayers, and have even stopped by to let me know that you were praying for a good report from the doctor!

First off, thank you so much to all of you who have been lifting her up in your thoughts and prayers! And thank you for lifting up my family as well! Whether you stopped by here or by Facebook to let me know–or if you just lifted us up without letting us know–I appreciate it so very much!

We received a really good report from the doctor! In fact, better than any of us expected or could have hoped for. Of course, isn’t that just like our God (Ephesians 3:20-21)?! It turns out that so far, the doctor can’t seem to find anything wrong with my mom. Nothing to explain her symptoms… She had a pretty bad virus about a month ago, and it left her feeling extremely weak for a long time. She also had some bouts of severe confusion. Her first doctor diagnosed with her early-onset Alzheimer’s, which freaked her and my dad–and all the rest of us–out; my grandmother (my mom’s mom) had Alzheimer’s.

Thankfully, my dad advocated for her to see another doctor and to get a second opinion. So they saw a neurologist in Ft. Lauderdale who took a lot of time going over her history and administering a battery of additional tests. We’ll call him Doctor #2 (I should call him “The Good Guy”, but I’m trying not to be THAT biased!) Doctor #2 was also very irritated that Doctor #1 gave the diagnosis he did without having given several necessary tests (as they were missing from the paperwork that my parents brought with them to their first appointment with Doctor #2). In addition, there was nothing in the tests that Doctor #1 did administer to suggest that the diagnosis was accurate.

Their fist visit with the Doctor #2 gave my parents quite a bit of hope, but they were still very nervous about everything. Seriously though? Who throws out that kind of diagnosis without being sure?

Anyway, last week was when we heard back from all the testing that Doctor #2 did, and while he’s not rushing forward to make any kind of diagnosis, he was very pleased with the results of all of the tests. He said that everything is healthy–her bloodwork, her brain functioning… everything. So now he wants her to concentrate on recovering from the virus and regaining her strength. He also wants her to get back to her normal, everyday life. He took her off all of the medication that Doctor #1 put her on (which I think is another very positive sign) and she’s returning for additional testing in mid-May. The tests then will be to dig a little deeper, to see what her brain’s doing during her normal activities.

Of course she’s a little nervous about what these tests might uncover; my dad is too. She’s also nervous about the fact that she has to wait 2 months until she goes back to Doctor #2 for those tests. But she likes this doctor and she trusts him. So that’s good.

I’m going to be praying that she’ll be able to regain her energy and her strength, and that God will help her to completely forget what Doctor #1 said about early-onset Alzheimer’s. I absolutely do not want that hanging over her head! I’m also praying that there will be nothing for these tests to uncover!

I’ll tell you what, I know I’m getting older! But when faced with the reality of my parents growing older–it’s TOUGH! And I do not like it at all! I’ve been so blessed that my parents have had good health all along. So I’m hoping that we’ll be able to enjoy that blessing a little longer. But as I said before, I know in Whom I have believed and I know that He’s faithful! So I’m clinging to Him and trusting Him, no matter what.