On the Road Again

Somewhere along the way, someone got it in their head that it might be fun to DRIVE to Florida! So we rented a mini-van, drove to Tennessee to pick up my brother and sister-in-law and their dog Miles (who is also a Bichon Frise, and only a month younger than Ollie), and we headed to Florida.

The trip TO is always so much better than the trip home! At least in my opinion. Road Trips are always that way. I’m always so excited to get there, that the time seems to pass quickly. Plus, everyone else is so excited: we’re talking, laughing, playing games and listening to music. But the drive home seems to last FOREVER. No one wants to talk or play games. It’s like everyone is sick of everyone and just wants to get home. Today is no different, although I hope no one is sick of anyone!!

So today, all 6 of us (4 people and 2 dogs) piled in to the mini-van and are heading to our respective homes. It’s a 15-hour drive for us, and an 11-hour drive for the Tennesseans. Here’s hoping it’ll pass in a FLASH!