I’ve been with my family in Florida for the week. We’ve all gathered here to be with my parents as we await some news from the doctors about what’s been going on with my mom for the past month. She hasn’t quite been herself. It all started with a virus that just wouldn’t pass, accompanied by a fever and some other symptoms that have left her with zero energy. So we sent her and my dad to Ft. Lauderdale yesterday to receive the results from the tests, and perhaps a diagnosis. We were all a little on-edge, to say the least.

But we were also very hopeful. For we know in Whom we have believed. And we know that He is faithful! So we’re trusting God in all of this, knowing that He’ll be our peace and strength–no matter what.

But in the midst of a somewhat stressful day, I started being alerted to all kinds of activity on my blog on a post from last week–a LOT of comments and “likes”. It was much more than normal, so I said to my husband, “I wonder if I’ve been Freshly Pressed“. Well, wouldn’t you know–I had! Words can’t describe how excited I was to be featured there! But suffice it to say, I’m …

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To be honest, it could NOT have come at a better time! I SO needed some distraction yesterday, and to hear from friends and fellow bloggers out there as we sat and waited to hear from my parents. It was so fun to read through everyone’s comments and to explore everyone else’s blogs.

Blogging is something I came to a little reluctantly, to be honest. But I’ve SO enjoyed putting my thoughts out there. And even more, finding “out there” a community of people who are so friendly and kind. People from all over whose opinions and perspectives are often so unlike my own, but who I’m learning from and being encouraged by all the same.

So thank you, to all of you who visited my blog via Freshly Pressed! I hope you enjoyed it. And to those of you who choose to stick around… I hope you’ll find here something worth reading.