A Funny Visitor

A little over a month ago, we received an envelope from an elementary school in Arkansas. It was a little strange. We couldn’t figure out why it was sent to us (from just the return address). So–like any sane person–we opened it and found a type-written letter, a hand-written letter, and a funny visitor folded up inside.

Both letters described the visitor who was entrusted to our care for the month. The hand-written letter was from the daughter of some family friends, explaining that the visitor’s name was Flat Stanley. He had had a bulletin board fall on him (thus, his flatness), but he wanted to come to Kentucky to visit us and to see our sites. The type-written letter was from her teacher, explaining all the details of his visit and when he was due back to their classroom.

We were told that Flat Stanley liked pizza, popcorn, apples and oranges. And that he wanted to see all that he could while he was with us. So, we did our best to show him around. We took him to eat sushi, we let him play with Ollie, we took him out every weekend to run errands, we even let him try on St. Patrick’s Day hats.

He got to ride in a forklift at Brock’s work, and we took him to Keeneland and to dinner with some of our friends. They really enjoyed getting to meet Flat Stanley. And he sure did love eating at J.J. McBrewsters!

I think his favorite thing to do though, was getting to see Rupp Arena, where the Kentucky Wildcats play basketball!!

It was fun (and kinda weird!) to have Flat Stanley with us while he was here. But the fun part was getting to write our friends’ daughter a letter, describing all the fun things Flat Stanley got to see and do while he was with us here in Kentucky. I’m sure she’ll have a great time looking at all these (and about 30 more!) pictures!