Being Brave

For my Monday post–which has become my day when I post something to get myself (and my readers and followers) focused and motivated/inspired–I found the following quote and loved it. I love everything about it! Maybe this is something that needs to be hanging on my wall, along with this one

Anyway, here it is…

Source: frenchcharming

This is such an encouraging and inspirational truth! Bravery is contagious. So I want to learn from others’ courage and bravery and then step out and be brave with my own life. I want to take risks. I want to trust.

I think that with this–in stepping out in bravery–comes the necessity to be a cheerleader for others. To come alongside others and cheer them on as they then follow our lead.

So, whose bravery have you learned from, and who are you stepping out in bravery for?