The Home Diaries

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now… How do I make it interesting to you, the reader? I think it’s SO interesting, but it’s our home that we’re talking about!

I mentioned here that Brock and I are in the midst of building a home. With all the snow and wet weather we’ve had this winter, it’s a little behind in the process. However, they’re finally making headway and the house is all framed in and almost completely under roof! YES! Now it won’t matter when it rains for days on end. So rather than being finished by the end of May, we’re probably looking at the end of June or so before we get to move in.

But Oh. My. Gosh! In 3+ months, we’ll finally be in a home. No more itty bitty apartment with piles of stuff because there’s just not a place for it! No more itty bitty kitchen that the two of us can barely work together in! We’ll have a home. OUR home! With an office, a garage, cabinet space + a pantry (!!) and a yard for Ollie to play in and for me to plant and a garden. I can hardly wait!

Here are some initial photos:

The footers and foundation have been poured and some of the initial plumbing is in…

The house next to us is going up at the same time, which should help with the timing of everything. Since the contractors they use for one house can head on over to the other and get working.

I’ll get a few more pictures up shortly…  As I said, they’ve made a LOT of headway since these photos were taken. We’re just about all framed in, and the trusses for the roof are in place as well.