Trusting His Heart

I don’t usually comment on or post about current events. However, with the recent events in Japan I felt compelled to write something about them. To be honest, I hardly even watch the news; choosing instead to read about what’s going on from and, so as to try to avoid some of the commentary from anchors and analysts.

But my husband loves to watch the news. So when I came home on Friday, CNN was already on. We watched the continual coverage of what had happened in Japan for hours. It was hard to escape the harrowing images. I wanted to close my eyes, to stop watching, but I couldn’t. And then I saw this one of a man standing over all the debris, praying…

Source: CNN

As I continued to watch, I found myself whispering prayers for the people of Japan, Hawaii, the United States west coast and all areas affected by the earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. Asking God to protect the people and make a way for their quick recovery–physically, emotionally and economically.

Because really, what else can we do? What can we do but trust that while yes, these events are horrific, our God is good. He is faithful. And He is in control. Even in the midst of what happened in Japan (and Haiti and Chile last year), we can know that while we may not understand His ways, we can TRUST HIS HEART!

In times when I look around and can’t explain what’s going on or why things happen the way they do, I am so grateful that I can KNOW that the hands I cling to not only hold me, but the entire universe, in the palms of His!

**In an effort to help with the Japanese relief efforts, I will be donating 15% of all orders placed this week to the Red Cross Fund specifically designated to the Relief Effort in Japan. You can shop via for yourself, Easter, Mother’s Day, Prom jewelry, etc… and I will be able to keep track of all purchases. Thank you for your support!

If you’d like to, you can donate directly to these organizations: The American Red Cross and World Vision.