Pulling it Together

I don’t have the blogging talent of some of my most favorite bloggers when it comes to expressing and showing all that I want to do when it comes to designing our new home… People like The Lettered Cottage, Young House Love, and Decor8. I have great ideas–they’re all floating around in my mind, and I can see how they’ll all fit together in my mind’s eye. I think this is something I get from my interior designer mother.

But putting them out there for you to see is not something I’m very good at. I could create a mood board–if I had the time to (maybe I’ll work on that someday soon). But that’s about as far as my blogging skills can take me, other than just posting photos.

So for now, I’m going to have to be content with that, and trust you to connect the dots.

For our kitchen, I’m LOVING blue. In fact, my brother and sister-in-law gave me a beautiful apron for Christmas that has lovely shades of blue and orange, with some pops of rust red and antique white. I’m actually using this palette as my inspiration for our kitchen. Our cabinets will be antique white, and I’d like to paint the walls blue. Some of my cookware and bakeware will incorporate some additional pops of color, but I am LOVING the following items as inspiration as well.

Source: decor8

Aside from loving all the glass and porcelain in this photo, I really love the shades of blue! Some are a little dark, but I’m so diggin’ it! Can’t wait to see my new kitchen come together!

Source: Anthropologie

Source: Anthropologie

Source: Anthropologie

The above 3 items from Anthropologie are on my wish list. Oh, how I’d love to have them on my shelves! On their own they’re WAY cool! But together, they make such an eclectic, kind of bohemian, chic mix!