The Most Important Place for Honesty (via Sheila Walsh | Lindsey Nobles)

I ran across this blog a few days ago through my Twitter feed. It’s a short post by Sheila Walsh, someone I grew up listening to and whose Twitter feed makes me laugh and think often. Ever since I read it, I’ve been mulling it over (as I’m known to do), so I wanted to repost it here.

I love that Lindsey has made honesty her word for the year. On the news, via twitter, in person, on stage – the truth can be hard to nail down. But lately I’ve been struck again by perhaps the most important place for honesty and truth: in our own minds and hearts.

I don’t think we consciously mean to lie to ourselves, but we do it all the time: I’m not good enough, no one loves me, my life doesn’t matter

Over the years I have believed an ocean of lies. But I’ve found it usually starts with just one. As I allow that lie to seep into my thinking, it distorts everything else and soon I find myself in a storm where I can’t trust my own perspective.

There’s only one absolutely reliable antidote: God’s Word. The Hebrew words we translate as “promise” actually meant “to say” or “to speak.” In other words, God doesn’t need the word “promise” as His word is enough. If everything we said were true, there would be no need for us to “promise,” either. In reality, that only works with God. When God says something, it is true. No exaggeration, no twisting, no unhealthy agenda. He cannot lie, so His Word is truth and you can stake your life on it.

So that’s where I’m trying to train my gaze this year: on His truth, not mine.

What lies do you find slipping into your thinking when you least expect it?

What truths or promises do you cherish when that happens?

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Oh, how I love these words! And how I need to be reminded of them–daily! Like Sheila, I want to try to train my gaze on His truth, not mine this year.

In thinking about the questions that she posts at the end of her entry, I found that I actually allow several lies to slip their way into my thoughts… And they’re all lies of the “I’m not good enough variety”. Specifically, I’m not good enough at my job. I don’t have the same business savvy as my colleagues. I’m not creative enough. I’m not interesting enough.

Blah, blah, blah… All lies!

The truths and promises that I cling to when these lies slip in are Psalm 139 (all of it–reminds me that I am ENOUGH, because He made me just as I am!), Psalm 73:23-26 (reminds me that although my heart and my own strength may fail me, GOD is all I ever need!), Jeremiah 29:11-13 (reminds me to hope and to keep seeking Him, and promises me that He’ll deliver on what He’s planned for me).