Miss You Already

Last week I announced that I’m taking a day each week this month to post my favorite things about the people I love. I started with Brock. Today, I’m posting about my mom. She was just here last week, and I already miss her!

Source: Carolyn_Sewell


The things I love about my mom are:

Over the years she’s become a dear, dear friend! My best girlfriend, in fact. I love the relationship we have.

She’s wise. Oh, to be that wise! I hope I grow up to be like her one day.

My mom is faithful and true, and generous! SO, SO generous! …with her time, and her resources and herself.

She’s so loving, and she’d do anything for the people she loves.

She gives the best advice, but she also really great about helping and encouraging her kids to stand on their own and figure it our for ourselves.

My mom is my FAVORITE shopping partner, because she has awesome fashion sense!

She’s THE BEST interior designer I know–she is so freaking talented!! She’s owned and maintained her own design firm a couple of times throughout her life, and it looks like she’s getting ready to do it again; I’m so excited for her!

She has such a heart for the things of God, and for growing in Him.

My mom LOVES to laugh, and she has the BEST laugh.

I’m so grateful that my mom and I have such a close friendship. She’s a wonderful friend and confidante, and I pray that she knows how dear she is to me.

Isn’t she beautiful?!