I’m Hunting Emu

With all the cold, wet, snowy weather we’ve had, I broke down and bought a pair of rain boots.

I love them and wear them often.

However, as much as I love my rain boots (and the fact that they keep my feet dry), they do NOT keep my tootsies warm. My feet freeze when I wear them. Most likely because they’re made of plastic/rubber? And because they remain wet while I’m in them?

I’ve tried wearing wool socks. That helps some. But I’ve decided that I may need to trade my rain boots for warmer boots during this cold winter weather, and save my rain boots for rainy days during warmer weather.

Therefore: I’m hunting Emu!

I’ve done a lot (a LOT!!) of reading and research about Ugg vs. Emu boots. Even just coming around to this bandwagon has taken a while. I’m still not wholeheartedly on board. They’re kinda weird-looking. But, when I’m out traipsing around in freezing cold weather, I’m convinced that these babies may just be what I need… Weird-looking or not!

Soooo, back to the Ugg vs. Emu debate:

In my research, I’ve found that Emus (at least this version) consistently rate higher than Uggs. Mostly because their soles actually have support and tread, and Emus withstand the wet winter weather (wow! how’s that for some alliteration!!?) better than Ugg boots.

What are your opinions and/or suggestions? Have any readers worn any/all of these boots (Hunter/rain boot, Ugg, Emu)? I’d love to know what you think!

I’d also love to know how you’re keeping your feet warm when you’re out and about in this cold, wet weather!