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I’ve decided–since it’s February–to take a day each week this month and post my favorite things about the people I love. I’m starting with my husband:

Brock is funny–SO funny!  He’ll do anything to make me laugh, even if it means making a fool of himself (which I think he actually likes to do!)

He’s generous and giving.

Brock shows me love in so many ways, and often at times when it’s the last thing I deserve.

Brock can talk to anyone! He’s great at making friends, and people genuinely enjoy being around him.

He seems to know what I need before I even ask (most of the time, so I can’t take this for granted).

Brock is loving and affectionate. He is loyal and kind.

He is a man of integrity.

He is a man after God’s heart, and desires to be (and is!) the leader of our home and family.

He’s quirky and silly, and smart and wise.

He extends grace and understanding to me when I’m unwilling to extend it to myself.

Brock is someone I admire and look up to.

He’s faithful about calling me out on things when I’m being selfish and critical.

He has an immeasurable store of random knowledge (i.e. movie quotes and television theme songs) that he whips out at the strangest times.

Brock brings a different perspective to most things, and I so appreciate his way of viewing the world.

He takes care of me and helps out around the house.

He has a great smile, and an even better laugh!

He’s perfect for me, in every way. And I thank God every single day that he brought Brock into my life.

I’m absolutely, without a doubt, crazy in love with him!

Source: Carolyn_Sewell

(one of Brock’s favorite “catch phrases”)