Amazing Race

We LOVE The Amazing Race. It’s the only reality show that either of us have ever been able to get into (and stick with). I’ve watched a few others here and there (Trading Spaces, What Not to Wear, American Idol) but The Amazing Race it really the only one that holds our attention.

I had seen it once, before Brock and I started dating. But it’s always been a show he’s really liked so we started watching it together (over the phone, mostly) when we started dating. I was a little unsure at first, but I ended up really liking it, too.

This coming season, CBS is doing a “best of” with 11 teams from previous seasons. They’re calling this season (Season 18) “Unfinished Business”. And the teams they’ve brought back are apparently “the teams, that without doubt, have really captivated people’s attention in the last few years. We’ve gathered them all here and we’ve said, ‘Listen, you guys want a second chance? No more excuses…'” (Phil Koeghan, host of The Amazing Race).

Well, I beg to differ. While there are certainly several teams I’m eager to see have their second chance at the grand prize, there are 2 in particular that have not “captivated my attention” in any way. And now they’re together, in the same season?! Whew! This could be interesting.

Nonetheless, neither of us can wait until February 20, when “Unfinished Business” premiers!

Here’s a preview of who’s to come: