Happy Birthday, Ollie!

His birthday was actually yesterday and I kept asking him “Do you want to turn three?” He got SO excited–talking to us, dancing and jumping around. Brock and I thought it was SO funny. I couldn’t figure out why he was dancing around so much. Surely he wasn’t understanding that it was his birthday!?

Then I realized that “Do you want to turn three?” sounds a LOT like “Do you want a treat?” Especially to a dog who gets asked that often. So, this doggie momma had to go get her puppy a treat to calm him down. Of course, once he had what he wanted he did calm down…

And instead of asking him if he wanted to turn three, I decided to just keep it simple and say things like, “It’s your birthday, Ollie!” And “Happy Birthday!” Sometimes, I think I forget how smart our little guy is!