Things I Love

My husband~the feel of sand between my toes~my sweet puppy~a brand new book~freshly painted nails~CSI:NY~anything (clothes, pillows, bedding) with eyelet detail~Phase 10~snow covered trees~The Family Stone~peonies~the color pink~pajamas~U2~my Bible~working from home~my dutch oven~FRIENDS~traveling~Dave FM in Atlanta (92.9)~foreign languages~rod iron~Ole Henriksen‘s skin care collection~my Cuisinart single brew coffee maker~The Amazing Race

Brock and I in Newport, RI this past October

Ollie, with my mom



The sound and smell of rain~basil~Panang Curry~the cool side of my pillow~the smell of the ocean~sweet potatoes~the color gray~getting to know a new friend~grace~worshiping God~The Beatles~cooking~Stella & Dot~winter coats~Real Simple magazine~warm sweaters~sushi~Chick-fil-a~dates with my husband~scarves~Love Actually~Fringe~How I Met Your Mother~sangria~yoga~sandals~worn-in jeans~singing in the car (at the top of my lungs)~my Cuisinart food processor~Caedmon’s Call~the color blue~the smell of coffee brewing in the morning~macaroni and cheese (even the neon orange, processed, takes-3-minutes-to-make-kind…and I hate that I love it!)~going home~John Mayer~bacon~Pumpkin Spice Lattes~Parenthood

my food processor. which I lovelove. LOVE.

Homemade is so much better. But sometimes, this just has to do.

spending time with my family~Glee~stationery~You’ve Got Mail~pretending that I can tap dance~To Kill a Mockingbird~straightening my curly hair~mojitos~Scrabble~popcorn~jewelry~my Clarisonic Skin Care brush (it’s PINK!)~Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups~going to the movies~avocados~spending time with an old friend~laughing~Modern Family~checking things off my “to do” list~my elliptical~linguistics~NCAA basketball (especially March Madness)~discovering new music~salmon~fleece-lined leggings~Thai Basil Rolls~my Kitchenaid stand mixer~In Her Shoes~breakfast for dinner~The Big Bang Theory