Purge in 1/11: Installment #1

Inspired by one of the blogs I read (it’s a GREAT one; check it out!!), I’ve decided to follow suit and use this month to purge. I SO need to get rid of some things in our house (and in my life) that are hindrances and contribute to the physical, mental and emotional clutter.

So I’m starting now. In keeping with the blog post that inspired me, my plan is to rid myself and our house of at least 111 things this month (111 in 1/11). I’ll donate the items that are still in good shape; I’ll throw the rest away.

2 pairs of Rainbow flip-flops. I LOVED them, but they were so very worn out.

1 pair of sandals

1 pair of tennis shoes

Wool Sweater

Hooded sweatshirt

2 pairs of jeans

puffy vest

15 pairs of socks

3 coffee thermoses


oil and vinegar bottle set

my tendency to be plugged in to technology… SO, rather than reading blogs and playing games on my iPhone, or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Tumblr (what the heck IS Tumblr anyway!?), I’m going to get back to a place where I spend extra time reading.


30 items