Feeling Accomplished

As I look back at 2010, one of the most important things I was able to accomplish was to start and launch a successful business of my own.

What started as a part-time job with Stella & Dot in June has turned into so much more! I signed up with Stella & Dot as an Independent Stylist because I was working from home as a linguistic analyst and craved interaction with others. I stumbled across the Stella & Dot Opportunity in an issue of InStyle magazine and thought it would be a great “side gig” to help me earn some extra cash and get involved in our new community (we had just moved to Lexington the previous February).

Little did I know that I would fall in love with this company VERY quickly, and that it would quickly become so much more than just a side gig! Stella & Dot has become my opportunity, just as it is for so many other women across North America. I have discovered within myself such drive and ambition! I’ve found that I have business savvy and creativity and hidden stores of motivation that I had no idea were there. And I’ve realized that I’m actually good at sales–although the jewelry is so A-MAZING that is pretty much sells itself.

I’ve also begun to build a team of my own. At first, I was unsure if this was something I wanted. But as my business began to grow and thrive, I’ve found that I want it to continue to grow. And building and investing in a team of Stylists–as I continue to build and grow my own business–is the way to do this. I have always enjoyed investing in others, and so being able to come alongside a team of my own is right up my alley.

So in the span of 6 months (which is not an atypical time frame for Stella & Dot) , I’ve launched and grown a business and started to build a team of my own. I can not wait to see what the next year holds for me as I continue to build my business and my team with Stella & Dot! I’m on my way to promoting to Senior Stylist, and hopefully Star Stylist by this summer.

Having my own business has been a long-time dream of mine. And so finding within myself that I DO, in fact, have some business savvy, stores of creativity, marketing abilities, and the ability to sell the product have been so encouraging to me. I know that I have good ideas, but executing these ideas and building a successful business were things I wasn’t sure I could do. Stella & Dot provides a lot of tools and resources for their Stylists, but also gives us a lot of freedom and assumes we’ll bring a lot to the table. Whether I stick with Stella & Dot–which, right now I can’t imagine doing anything else! I’m having the time of my life and enjoying such a fantastic community of people (both colleagues and customers)–or eventually open my own business somewhere down the line, I’m confident that I’ll be successful either way. Having learned that I have a good number of the necessary qualities and “know-how” for being an entrepreneur, I see that the sky is the limit!

**If  you’d like to learn more about Stella & Dot, let me know or visit the links in this post. There’s also some info. in the sidebars**