Design Dreams

Brock and I have decided to build a house! I can hardly wait to get out of this apartment and into our new home.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our apartment. It’s beautiful and we have made it our home. But the thought of having our first home together is so stinkin’ exciting!!!

Being able to build our first home–to choose the finishes and fixtures and extras–is more than I could have imagined. I’m constantly looking at catalogs and photos for design ideas. I know, though, that it will take us a while to get our new home fully furnished and accessorized. I’ve already made e a wish-list and  prioritized it. Being the daughter of a very talented interior designer has rubbed off on me some, but I am not always as confident in my own abilities to pull things together. But I do have a good sense of color, proportion and scale–so I need to learn to trust myself. And, I love this sort of thing! Maybe not to do it for someone else, but I love “nesting” and making my own home beautiful. And it’s nice knowing that my husband trusts my abilities and the finished product.

And while we are building to suit, we aren’t designing the floor plan to our own specifications. Hopefully at some point in our lives we’ll be able to build a full custom home. This one, being our first, is a floor plan that we’ve chosen from about 35. We really love the layout. It’s open and flows well. And all of the main living space–the rooms where we’ll spend most of our time–are on the main floor.

However, in my looking around, I’ve found a few photos of my “someday” dreams. Obviously, they’ll have to be put away for that custom home we hope to build someday in the future. But oh, how I love them!

Oh, my goodness! I love everything about these cabinets and eat-in kitchen! I would love to have a *large* kitchen someday. I lovelovelove to cook, and to spend time in the kitchen. I love the combination of open shelves and cabinets here. I also love the subway tile on the walls. It’s all so clean and simple. YUM!

I’d love my dream kitchen to also have a big island and maybe even a keeping room–a place for family and friends to hang out, whether there’s food preparation going on, or just because. Here are a few other kitchens that I really like… Maybe I can design one that incorporates a little of all 4. Ha! There’s a dream!! 🙂

Hello, Gorgeous! I L-O-V-E this master bathroom! Everything from the vessel sinks and tiled-in whirlpool tub to the private patio. It’s all so beautiful. And, I’m sure, very expensive.

Hey, a girl can dream, right? 🙂

Until then, I can’t wait to have our new home finished. It’s going to be beautiful, comfortable, and ours!