I love to write. I always have. For a while, I even entertained dreams (wishes? aspirations?) of becoming a published writer.

The closest I’ve ever come to this was my Master’s Thesis for my Linguistics Program while in school at the University of Florida. I think if I’d actually taken my professors and Thesis Committee Chairs at their word, I’d be a published writer. The feedback I received on my thesis was pretty stellar. Words like “groundbreaking” and “innovative” were used to describe my research, and I was encouraged to publish my thesis since it would make a contribution to the field.

But I haven’t made any effort (yet) to do so. Why? Simple… Fear. Fear of failure.

So I’ve been trying to take strides toward that end. Or maybe just strides in general. Whether I do make efforts toward publishing my thesis, I started blogging last summer. I actually have 2 blogs. A personal one (this one) and a professional one (for my business with Stella & Dot). I am enjoying them both so much! Whether I have consistent readers/followers or not, these blogs are helping me to flex my writing muscles again.

I say “again” because I did so much writing while in graduate school that I needed to take a break. So I went from writing almost daily while in school to writing nothing for about a year. Then when I started blogging regularly, I found myself wondering if more than just family and friends would find what I have to say relevant, interesting and worthy of being read. So I submitted an application to Skirt! magazine. Skirt! is both an online and print entity, which I have loved and admired ever since I lived in Atlanta. They have markets both nationally and locally.

So… application: submitted. And I prepared myself to wait… and wait. Do I really have anything of value to say? Does anyone actually care what I write, or do my family and friends follow my blog out of obligation? My life has been anything but boring, and I think (from time to time) my blog is interesting and even funny! But most everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor–kind of like everyone thinks he’s a good driver! But it only took a couple of days to hear back.

They said yes! Actually, they said, “You’re a Skirt! girl now!”  So now I’m a “skirt!setter”, which means I blog for Skirt!, in addition to my WordPress blogs. Not only do I get to write for Skirt! locally, but my blogs may get pulled to the national page as well! Like Real Simple, Skirt! is a magazine I look forward to reading each month. Now I have an opportunity to write about all kinds of issues I love so much–issues that resonate with me–for a wider audience, while further developing my writing “chops”! There will likely be some overlap between what you see here on this blog and what I post as a skirt!setter, but I plan on writing some site-specific posts as well. So if you’re a Skirt! girl, keep your eyes peeled! And if you’re not, I highly recommend checking it out.