The BEST Christmas Movies

In no particular order, these are my favorite Christmas movies. The movies that I love to watch every year–either because they center around the holiday itself, or because they evoke the holiday spirit.


There are so many lines in this movie that make me laugh–out loud!! I love the all-around, over-the-top Christmas spirit. Watching it brings out the kid in me.

The Family Stone

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, I watch it at other times during the year. But the fact that it centers around Christmas just makes it even better. I lovelovelove the cast–they’re some of my favorites! Everyone from Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson as the parents to Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams and Dermot Mulroney rounding out the family. I think what strikes me the most about this movie is the honesty and reality of the family interactions–when they’re all sitting around the dinner table talking heatedly or arguing about who ran Meredith out of the house causing her to stay in the hotel. It all seems very genuine. And yet, they’re family. They move on from the tension and fights and accept one another, just as family does.

The Holiday

This one is a very sweet romantic comedy set in Los Angeles and outside London. Cameron Diaz + Jude Law and Kate Winslet + Jack Black manage to keep laughter and chemistry high! Again, set during the holidays–it’s a sweet story that gets even sweeter as the characters and plot unfold.

Love Actually

I saw this movie twice in the theaters, and watch it every year during the holidays–and other times throughout the year. I love the intertwining story lines, and the great cast. SUCH a heartwarming, somewhat unexpected Christmas favorite.

Christmas Vacation

Don’t even know what to say about this one! Of COURSE it’s on my list of favorites! SO funny, with so many quotable lines. A true classic.

A Christmas Story

I grew up watching this one. LOVE IT. Again, many many quotable lines coming from this Christmas movie, and I can’t go through the holiday season without watching it at least once.

The Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

I never really liked the cartoon version of this movie. But then this one was released and I was hooked! Jim Carrey was an IN-CREDIBLE Grinch, and certainly a lovable bad guy. I watch it often.

When Harry Met Sally

I realize this isn’t necessarily a Christmas movie. And it’s one I watch more often than just during the holidays. But there’s something about it that makes it a “Christmas” movie for me… Maybe it’s that it all comes together for Harry & Sally during the holidays? One of my all-time favorite movies. Definitely.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Another movie that I can’t go through the holiday season without watching at least once. Such a classic. Wonder at what point it will stop being a classic? Or will it remain one?

Miracle on 34th Street

I think this one goes without saying. SO, SO good!!