Hello, December

I absolutely cannot believe that it’s already December! Or, to balk even more, that it’s only TWENTY-FOUR days until Christmas!

Are you serious, Clark?

Thankfully, my Christmas shopping is 95% complete. I won’t have to brave the craziness that is the mall. Because as much as I like to shop and browse, I do NOT like the crowds and the urgency and the lines that come with shopping for Christmas. Thankfully, I don’t even need to worry about any of that this year.

Instead, I can enjoy the holidays and the days leading up to them.

I can bake, listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, drink coffee and hot chocolate, dress warmly and enjoy the cold weather from indoors (rather than having to get out in it). All while working, of course (this is the time of year when working from home is a perk!).

Yes, hello, December! It’s so nice to see you!