I’ve had a really hard time sleeping lately.

It’s been a mix between struggling to fall asleep and being restless once I do.

I kind of have a lot on my mind.

But sleep…

Oh, how I love it! And I really do miss it when I don’t get enough.

I used to try to take a nap most afternoons, but that’s also when I’d get up before the crack of dawn and head to work around 6:30 or 6:45.

I can go without my naps now, but I still love (and need!) my sleep.

Like, 8 hours of it if I’m going to function well.

I really like getting to sleep in with my husband, which only ever happens on the weekends or during vacations. And “sleeping in” for either of us is only 8:00. But it’s still nice to not be woken up by the alarm clock.

I’m sure most everyone would agree.

Hopefully I can settle my mind some in the coming days so that my sleep is more restful and I awake feeling more rested.