…Not that community!

I posted an entry in mid-August (Mirrors), expressing my desire to be in community with other believers. Brock and I pursued this avenue at our church, and by the beginning of October, we had been connected with 3 other couples in a small group!

God is so good!

Now we are meeting weekly to get to know each other and to pray together. After the first of the year, we’re going to begin doing some sort of study together as well. It has been really neat to see how we are all becoming more comfortable and transparent with one another as we spend more time together and get to “do life” together.

Something I’m so grateful for is how we are preaching the Gospel to one another, encouraging one another with it and making sure we’re living as followers of Jesus (rather than just His “fans”).

In seeing this play out in our small group, I’m reminded of some things I heard when I was at Northpoint Community Church’s Labor Day Retreat, in 2005. They had Derek Webb (of Caedmon’s Call fame) there, and he played a show for us. He recounted a story of Martin Luther. Apparently, Luther was once asked by his church why, week after week, all he preached was the Gospel, (implying that they had heard it enough, and they could certainly handle something else, something more advanced).

Luther’s response was, “Well, because week after week you forget it. Until you walk in here looking like people who are truly liberated by the truth of the Gospel, I’m going to keep on preaching it to you.”

I pray that we’ll not forget that we need to hear the Gospel daily!! And that we’ll be the kind of community to one another who will not sway from reminding each other what the Gospel means in our lives!

On a side note, Derek Webb recorded an album called The House Show, which includes so much of what he played and said to us that night at Labor Day Retreat. I remember talking to him and others about his upfront theology and truth for HOURS after that show! His words were so poignant, beautiful, and challenging! I still listen to The House Show album often–when I need to be pointed back to Christ, back to the things that matter most.