In the past several weeks, I’ve been pretty impressed with Geico’s advertisements. Not so much that we’ve switched our car insurance to the company that claims to save its customer *so* much money; we’re completely satisfied with who we use.

However, I love Geico’s commercials, especially since they’ve abandoned the Caveman theme that they used to use.

The first that caught my attention was this:

Then I saw, and LOVED this one!!

And then today, I saw this one. It’s so funny!

…I love the maniacal laughter of the woodchucks, and the line, “Hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood!”

Do you have a favorite of the 3 listed above?

Or one that isn’t here? Post the link in a comment. I’d love to see it. Even if it isn’t a Geico commercial. 🙂