Sammy’s Hill + Sammy’s House

Sammy’s Hill and Sammy’s House were written by Kristin Gore (yes, the daughter of Al). I had the pleasure of meeting her and having her sign my copy of Sammy’s House. She is a pretty fantastic author, who manages to make her books intellectual, interesting, and funny–all rolled into one.

Both books center around the same character: Samantha (Sammy), who works in Washington D. C. as a health-care policy adviser to Senator Robert Gary (RG). Because of Gore’s own experiences living in D. C., she brings an insider’s eye to life and love there. At the end of Sammy’s Hill, the Senator is selected as the Vice Presidential running mate in the Presidential election. Their ticket gets elected, and Sammy goes from being the Senator’s health-care policy adviser to the Vice President’s health-care adviser!

This is where Sammy’s House picks up! Now the story take place in the West Wing, rather than just Capitol Hill. And again, Kristin Gore does an excellent job balancing the ins and outs of life in the White House, surrounded by policy and legislation, with Sammy’s personal life–replete with her own personal drama.

I would highly recommend these books. They are a welcome change from a lot of the other writing out there; they’re fresh, and different!