New England, Here We Come

This time next week, we’ll be getting packed for our vacation! I absolutely cannot wait to get out of here and head north. …well, northeast!

We are going to New England to check out the fall foliage, and to road-trip our way along the coast. We’re basically making a big circle: starting in Hartford, CT, going along the coast through Newport, RI, southern/coastal Massachusetts, hanging out in Boston for several days, then heading north through Maine, and west into New Hampshire and Vermont. At some point, we’ll head south again (though we’re not sure what route we’ll take) to catch our plane home!

We have some plans, but we’ve made sure to leave ourselves plenty of “wiggle room” so that we can play when we find places we want to spend more time.

We are, however, going to get to go to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play the Yankees! I’m so stinking excited about this part of our trip! I’ve been a Red Sox fan all my life–thanks to my dad. He grew up in Massachusetts, and still has LOTS of family there. I know they’re out of the running for the Series, but just getting to be IN Fenway will be oh, so cool! I’ve been to Boston twice before, and I’ve seen Fenway but never been in it.



Both of us are so looking forward to this trip, and to seeing New England together! I’ll post again once we’re home, and with our photos–rather than random pictures from the web. If you happen to read this before we go (or while we’re there) and know of places we must see, please feel free to comment on this post! We’d lovelove suggestions!