Bright Ideas for Fall

I don’t usually decorate for Halloween. Growing up, we never “did” Halloween. I mean, we were allowed to dress up in costumes, but rather than trick-or-treating, we gathered at church or school and participated in their Fall Festival rather than celebrating Halloween.

I’m still very much of the perspective that Halloween isn’t very much of a big deal. One reason is because it’s how I was raised. The other is because I’ve never been one who enjoys all the creepiness of the night–of any night, really. I have a tendency to prefer not to be by myself in the dark, and to get a little jumpy when I hear noises in the night. Even just the creaks and groans of our house. Thankfully, Brock is understanding when I jump up in the middle of the night, shake him awake and say, “what was that!?” I’ve always hated horror movies, and I absolutely do not like to be scared. Yes, I’m that girl. I can still remember each and every scene of movies like The Silence of the Lambs and Scream. Rather than enjoying the thrills that they cause, I replay their scenes in my mind until I start to panic. Which is why I avoid them.

That being said, I was looking at Martha Stewart Living yesterday, and decided that I would like to carve some pumpkins this year! Maybe it’s because it’s been forever since I’ve carved any? Maybe it’s because I’m feeling like I’m missing out on something? Or maybe I feel like this is a way to be creative? I’m not sure, but here are a few that I found in her magazine that I really loved:

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

These are definitely creepy, since they’re obviously haunted houses. But I really like the one on the right, with the shape of the pumpkin and the knobby look of the haunted house.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

I think if I end up carving any pumpkins, this is the one I’ll attempt. I absolutely *love* the Ginko leaves and berries wrapping their way around the pumpkin. I also feel like this one may be the least exact of the 3, thus allowing more margin for error.

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Living

This one is my VERY favorite… I love everything from the bluish hue of the pumpkin to the owl! It’s all kind of creepy. Martha’s website says to use a pale Lumina pumpkin to achieve this look: “when lit from within, the exterior surface becomes multicolored”. However, it looks like it would be so time-consuming! And I’m not at all very artsy. has templates for recreating these and many more pumpkins (or DIY pumpkins that are supposed to look like these). I’m just lacking in the confidence to strike out and attempt something like this one. Which is why I’m leaning more toward that Ginko leaf pumpkin!

I’ll post photos when I’m done!!