I am such a Gleek! Brock and I watched the premiere of Glee in May 2009, right before our wedding. I was immediately hooked and couldn’t wait for the full season the following fall. Brock was a little skeptical. But then fall came and we got to see how it all played out-and that it wasn’t just a “musical” (as Brock puts it). It quickly became one of our must-see shows each week.

I love the storylines and the characters. And I’m often shaking my head in disbelief at how they totally knock each song out of the park! Often, Glee’s version is better than the original! Sue Sylvester is one of our favorite characters, which is probably not surprising. So we were stoked when Jane Lynch won the Emmy award for playing her character.

The Madonna episode was certainly a treat (thanks again to Sue’s “Vogue” video), but so much of what Glee does is a treat! It seems that people are talking about it for days after it airs.

Anyway, we haven’t watched much t.v. this summer, but we did watch the Emmy’s. And when I saw the opening I got *so* excited for the coming season of Glee-even though it did have Kate Gosselin in it… Don’t worry, I won’t even go there except to say I wish she’d just disappear. But I know she won’t–she’s made sure of that! Anyway, here’s the video. I’ve only watched this video a few times since it aired on the Emmy’s, but we only have a little over a week until the season premiere! Can’t wait!!