I used to have an enormous collection of stamps and stamping materials…

Rubber stamps, inks in every color every invented by Crayola, inking markers to color the stamps (so that my creations weren’t all one color!), glitters, glues, and all kinds of cards, envelopes, etc. and stickers to create my own personalized stationery. I spent a lot of time making invitations and stationery. And then one day, I gave it all away…

I happened to be searching today online for stamps (I’m thinking about investing in some more materials here and there), and I ran across the most FABULOUS online store! It’s called Unity Stamp Company. They have such amazing stamps.

Get ready for a post FULL of some of my favorites!

This one makes me think of our family trip to Hawaii in June, 2007. I want

to go back so badly, I can hardly *stand* it! And this time, I’ll get to go with

my husband!

I love this one because it reminds me of the beach (duh!). But I also love

the “You are my sunshine” quote. My dad used to sing that song to me all the

time when I was little.

I love how abstract this tree is… almost like little lollipops for leaves.

Owls are so “in” right now, and these are freakin’ adorable!!

The words here are great, as is the image… I’ve always loved umbrellas–when

they are open.

This one has me thinking about the holidays–which are only 3 months away!!

I’m already thinking about what to do for Christmas cards, and this might

be the perfect option.

Everything about this stamp is trendy, trendy, trendy. From the fancy

(open!!) umbrellas, to the wellies, to the patterned tulip, this stamp

set is truly stylish!

So, so cool… from the lamps, to the quotes!


I am (and have been) a bit obsessed with pinwheels.

We even used handmade ones for our send-off at our wedding.

Could this bird *be* any cooler? (This is asked a la Chandler Bing).


Love the swirls and flowers, not to mention the attitude with

which you MUST say what’s written here!!