Hi, Biscuit!

…one of the many things we say to Ollie. If you refer to his page, you’ll see there are many things we call him. Like I’m sure most people do with their pets, we talk to him all the time! And he responds. He knows many words, and he engages with us on so many levels.

In the last couple of months, he’s really started becoming Mr. Independent. It used to be that he slept with us (yes, in our bed) every night. He’d get up and get a drink of water every once in a while. But he remained in bed throughout the entire night. Not so anymore. He’s started striking out on his own and sleeping in his crate, on the couch, and even on the bed in our middle bedroom. When Brock gets up in the morning, many mornings Ollie isn’t there. When Ollie hears Brock stirring though, he often comes to see what’s going on and jumps back into bed with me.

But he’s growing up!?!!

Can’t he stay a puppy forever?!?

It’s a good thing, and I know it’s how it goes. But it makes me just  a little sad too! I guess this is the way it goes. The way all parents feel. And yes, we consider ourselves his parents. Right now, he’s our little guy. He’s what makes our family unit complete. And until we’re ready for children, he’s our “child” (although I know he’s nothing like having a child!).