Oh, to live on a tree-lined street like this again one day! I say “again” because I did for two years in Gainesville while I attended the University of Florida for graduate school. Honestly, my apartment was a like a hole… it was so dark and dingy (it was old, and there weren’t many windows to let in the light), but I did my best to make it “home”.

I loved driving up the street to that place. I also loved taking Ollie for a walk, going for a run in the surrounding neighborhood, and just being in that town. It seemed like everywhere you looked there were old, expansive oak trees with dangling Spanish moss. Although the moss is actually a little gross, it’s also charming and adds a little romance. But I love the way SO many of those streets were lined with trees! They formed a canopy, and cast their shadows across the pavement.

I’ve done a lot of driving back to Florida on Interstate 75, and not far from the Florida-Georgia state line, you start to see those expansive oak trees draped with Spanish moss. That’s how I know I’m almost to Florida. For some reason, those trees (along with a few other telltale signs) signify my return to my “home” state. When I see a tree-lined street where the trees form a canopy overhead, I’m almost always inclined to turn and drive down it… almost like it’s drawing me in. Maybe like it’s drawing me home?