Happy Flowers

Flower of a hibiscus.

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A couple months ago, my brother and sister-in-law were visiting and we all went for a drive to a northern suburb of Lexington. We were not very far out of town, but we came across the most beautiful flowers. They looked exactly like Hibiscus, only gigantic!! They were as big around as a dinner plate! Being a Florida girl and growing up around Hibiscus, I just knew that’s what they were, even though I’d never seen them so big!

About a month later, Brock and I were out on one of our Sunday afternoon drives. And I saw them again. This time we were in Lexington, and the flowers were in someone’s front yard. So I asked Brock to re-circle the block so I could take a picture to send to my mom. I knew she would FLIP upon seeing such huge (and beautiful) Hibiscus flowers!

Aren’t they A-MAZING??! …only, my mom told me they weren’t Hibiscus. They are related to Hibiscus, but they are Mallows (related to where marshmallow comes from). They aren’t as cup-like as Hibiscus are and their colors aren’t as tropical as Hibiscus. However, they are very vibrant!

OK then, I’ll take some please!! In my front yard, back yard, and all over! They are now on my list as one of my favorite flowers! I *love* them! They’re right up there with Peonies (which are my all-time favorite; they were in my wedding bouquet)!

So now I can’t resist!  Here are more gorgeous flower photos:

First, my wedding bouquet, replete with Peonies… If there had been a way to keep this forever, believe me-I would have.

This one is my bridesmaids’ bouquet. I love these colors *so* much! And they incorporate 2 more of my favs: Dahlias and Anemones.

I cannot wait to have a garden one day. Large enough for flowering plants and all the vegetables and herbs I want to plant. I love to cook and the thought of having fresh vegetables is something I can hardly wait for! I already have an herb garden planned for this coming spring. I can do that on our patio-no problem. But I really can’t wait to be “that girl” with my own garden! It will make me so happy to be out there tending to it, bringing fresh flowers and fresh herbs and vegetables inside.