Without Prime Time

The Big Bang Theory

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Brock and I don’t really watch a ton of TV, but there are certainly a handful of shows that we love. We make sure we tune in for How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Fringe, The Amazing Race, and we’ve also become hooked on Parenthood; I also like to watch CSI: NY and Brock also likes to watch V. There are a few shows we’ve watched this summer too… Man vs. Food, The Little Couple, Hot in Cleveland, and then I like The Next Food Network Star. So, I guess this really IS a lot of TV! Seeing it all listed here like this shows me how much we really do watch (yikes!). We record it all on our DVR, and watch it either later the same night or another day so we can fast forward through the commercials.

However, that isn’t the point of this post. The reason I’m writing here is to talk about how much fun we’ve had without as much to watch this summer. Instead, we’ve played so many games! We play a lot of Scrabble–both on our iPhones and for real. We also play Yahtzee, Phase 10, Uno, Speed, War, Farkle, Bananagrams, and Blink (Uno’s version of Speed). It’s been SUCH fun, and has passed the time in such a better way than just sitting-doing nothing-in front of the television. We laugh, we interact, and we even use our brains!

We’ve made the commitment to continue this pastime into the fall, even when Prime Time picks back up with our shows. And I’m so glad. Maybe we should even curb our viewing habits.