1000 Gifts

So, here is the page where I am cataloging 1000 expressions of gratitude for how He loves me! Wow. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the thought. I have no idea how long this endeavor will take me, but I started on Thursday, November 10, 2011. My lists will first appear as blog posts (where they are also tagged with the category “1000 Gifts”), but I wanted to have them here in one place as well.

  1. Life–both physical and eternal (okay, that one was easy!)
  2. Hubby–who faithfully loves and cherishes me, at my best and at my worst.
  3. Morning–love the newness and that my slate is clean.
  4. A Savior who takes a personal interest in my life.
  5. The smell and taste of hot coffee in the morning.
  6. Encouraging words.
  7. Friendships that have lasted the wearing of time.
  8. Handwritten notes.
  9. Inspiring words.
  10. Kindred spirits.
  11. Memories.
  12. Relief from pain.
  13. Ability to feel pain.
  14. Warm sunshine.
  15. Naps.
  16. Warm blankets.
  17. Cool pillows.
  18. Lyrics that touch my soul.
  19. Time to rest.
  20. Pajamas.
  21. Friends that call “just because.”
  22. Raindrops.
  23. A job that I love.
  24. Imperfections–that God would take them, and turn them into a masterpiece that reflects Him.
  25. Efforts to try new things.
  26. That God’s memory is shorter than mine.
  27. That God’s memory is longer than mine.
  28. God’s sovereignty.
  29. Peace that passes all understanding.
  30. Confidence that my life isn’t verdictless.
  31. Courage to step out and take risks when necessary and make changes to better my circumstances.
  32. Lyrics that reach into my soul and express the things that I just can’t.
  33. A faithful, steadfast Father who loves me abundantly.
  34. Renewed vision for my life–one that rests on HIS vision for me.
  35. A husband who comes alongside me and encourages me to see myself the way he does and the way God does.
  36. A husband who speaks my love language–intentionally.
  37. Catch-up days.
  38. Warm soup.
  39. A puppy who loves me unconditionally.
  40. Hope.
  41. Cloudy days.
  42. Crock pot meals.
  43. That I never have to use the “right words” when I speak to God; He takes me just as I am and I’ll never be misunderstood.
  44. That God cares. About everything.
  45. My mom–in addition to helping me in the kitchen and being an EXCELLENT cook, we have SUCH a good friendship. I love her so very much!
  46. My dad… He is an amazing friend and such a wise, generous and funny man. I’m so grateful for the example he’s set in my life.
  47. Delicious food.
  48. Good company.
  49. A husband and a dad who do the dishes and post-Thanksgiving cleanup without too much complaining.
  50. Being able to learn new things in the kitchen.
  51. Grace to endure a crazy holiday season.
  52. Post-dinner naps.
  53. Shopping with my mom.
  54. Getting to spend the past several days (and more to come!) with my parents.
  55. Family.
  56. People who know, understand and love me.
  57. People who want to be an intimate part of my life.
  58. Laughter.
  59. Inside jokes.
  60. Parents who want to spend time with each other.
  61. Quiet.
  62. The change of seasons.
  63. Cold weather.
  64. Traditions and what they represent.
  65. The courage to stand up for what I know is right and best.
  66. Respect from others when I do stand up for what is right and best.
  67. Examples of integrity and virtue in my life.
  68. Salvation.
  69. New friends.
  70. Sufficient grace for physical discomfort.
  71. Sufficient grace for emotional situations.
  72. Sufficient grace for hearts still hurting.
  73. Sufficient grace for soul-weariness.
  74. Sufficient grace for my own limitations.
  75. Sufficient grace for the limitations of those around me.
  76. Sufficient grace for whatever circumstances I find myself.
  77. Sufficient grace for whatever lies ahead.
  78. Sufficient grace for hard decisions.
  79. Sufficient grace for tough feelings.
  80. Sufficient grace for my own lack of understanding.
  81. Sufficient grace in my dealings with others.
  82. Sufficient grace to carry us through another day–triumphantly–trusting in the knowledge of His SAVING grace.
  83. That He is MORE than enough. For every.single.need.
  84. The anticipation of Christmas day.
  85. God’s provision–before the beginning of time–of Christ.
  86. The way Jesus was born–in such a humble, meek, unassuming way.
  87. White twinkly lights.
  88. The stories of friends who openly share what makes them who they are.
  89. Shared smiles and laughter.
  90. Friendly greetings from strangers.
  91. Grace and forgiveness freely given.
  92. Enough grace and understanding to extend to difficult people.
  93. People who extend me enough grace and understanding.
  94. A husband who happily brings me lunch.
  95. Being able to learn new things–daily!
  96. The kind of peace that passes all understanding.
  97. A husband with easy smiles and endless laughter.
  98. A husband who helps around the house–SO much. Even without asking.
  99. A husband—all sweetness personified.
  100. Attitudes willing to mold, change, becoming what God is teaching us to be.
  101. Pain.
  102. Chastisement.
  103. Growing pains.
  104. Realizing that there are needs I was unaware of.
  105. Wondering how it will all get done.
  106. Realizing how much I don’t depend on God to meet those needs!
  107. Sheer exhaustion.
  108. I am not the all in all. Only God. Thank God!
  109. A man who was BEYOND worth waiting for!
  110. A husband who does love and accept me as I am, but is…
  111. A man who causes me to be SO MUCH MORE than who I am.
  112. A husband who desires to be the priest and head of our household.
  113. A husband who continues to pursue me intentionally, just as Christ does.
  114. A husband who loves me unconditionally, and shows me God’s grace–even when I SO don’t deserve it!
  115. A husband who lovingly holds me accountable and encourages me to do the same for him.
  116. A husband who wants to grow and change and become more than who he is now.
  117. A God who is intimately involved in our marriage.
  118. A God who wants us to experience His presence in our home.
  119. A God who created marriage in order for us to see and experience His transforming love, mercy and grace.
  120. Christ’s radical commitment to me–even in the midst of my sin!
  121. Questions.
  122. Answers.
  123. That God knows both #121 and #122  🙂
  124. That my heart’s ungratefulness leads me back to gratefulness.
  125. That though my mom can’t be here with me today, she is alive and well.  I love our relationship.
  126. An evening with friends; laughter, joy.
  127. Grateful for modern-day appliances that make my life a whole lot easier.
  128. Grateful for friends that remind me of how much I have.
  129. Grateful for the days where things just “click.”  They give me the energy to keep on going during the days when things aren’t clicking.
  130. Grateful for those moments where the gender gap lessens just a bit, and spousal understanding abounds.
  131. Days where difficult relationships are a little less difficult.
  132. A husband with a short memory.
  133. This list which continues to urge me to express my gratitude.
  134. God is good all the time. . . . no matter what circumstances around me might say.
  135. The right words.
  136. Grace for all words.
  137. for pain, that it drives me to call upon my Savior and cling to Him.
  138. for tears, because they really do wash away some of the heart’s heaviness.
  139. for a husband who loves me with a love that I’ve never known. So deep and so true.
  140. for a family who loves one another deeply, and regardless of actions and circumstances.
  141. for friends who come alongside and listen, love and offer such understanding and grace.
  142. for unexpected friendships.
  143. that the sun sets and rises, and brings with it a brand new day.
  144. that His mercies are NEW EVERY MORNING!
  145. that He loves us, OH, how He loves us!!
  146. my God who supplies all my needs
  147. when my strength fails, I can rely on Him
  148. a husband and family who point me to God
  149. friends who laugh with me and celebrate with me
  150. friends who cry with me, understand me and walk with me through tough times
  151. the ability to look forward to something more
  152. change–that it brings with it new experiences
  153. the fact that I can set new goals and dream new dreams for this life
  154. the way days off leave me feeling rested and ready to do it all again
  155. the slow change in the weather that signals fall is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!